Collaborative Divorce

Keeping you out of court and protecting what you value most.

A Better Way to Divorce

The Collaborative Professionals of Baltimore is a group of interdisciplinary professionals dedicated to resolving conflicts in the areas of family law, divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, and division of marital property (financial accounts, retirement assets, real property, and other assets).

Collaborative Practice is a non-adversarial process with specially trained lawyers, mental health professionals, and financial professionals who assist the parties to reach mutually agreeable settlements that are created by the people involved, not the court. In a collaborative case, everyone works together with the commitment of all participants who will engage in a process requiring full disclosure of information by the parties and a commitment to resolve all issues without resorting to litigation. The Collaborative Process is a form of alternative dispute resolution that is especially effective for individuals whose relationship will continue after their separation or divorce is finalized.

The members of the Collaborative Professionals of Baltimore are committed to offering clients a respectful way to resolve conflict. It also has the potential to reduce the cost of the overall divorce by streamlining the discovery of financial and other relevant information.

Collaborative Professionals of Baltimore

The essential elements of the Collaborative Process

  • The commitment to not litigate
  • A complete and voluntary disclosure of information
  • The commitment to resolutions that take into consideration the needs of both parties and their children
The members of the Collaborative Professionals of Baltimore are dedicated to making your divorce as seamless as possible by working as a structured team, which includes the professionals and their clients. We are experienced and highly trained professionals in their individual fields.